Saturday, January 14, 2012

Celebrity Hairstyle: Morrissey Haircut

Morrissey- Steven Patrick Morrissey: 
English singer and lyricist

A fine fellow by the name of Max brought my attention to this iconic hairstyle.  He had a great head of hair and just enough length to pull it off.  So, after browsing a few different adaptations, we went for it. 

A haircut like this is great for many reasons.  I love it because it gives the wearer the clean and lean lines of sophistication around the neck and ears while maintaining plenty of movement and personality up top.  It's a great balance of polish and texture. 

If YOU want to rock this style yourself you'll need:
Medium-Thick Hair Density
Medium-Coarse-Wavy Hair Texture
Strong Jaw-line and pronounced features
A Great Barber to tailor-fit the cut to you

This Haircut will:
Lengthen you headshape and face
Lean out your features
Emphasize Strong Jaw, Chin and Cheek Bones

What to tell your Barber:
Exaggerated version of a classic Short-to-Long
Slight taper on the sides and back
Tight and clean around the ears
Clippers around the perimeter (#2) Blended with scissors into length on top
Maximum length and Movement up top (around 3 inches length)

Best Advice:
Take a picture with you!

Buster A. Boyd Owner/Barber/Hairstylist @ The Absinthe Hair & Grooming Parlour
local Barber in Salt Lake City, Utah

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