Monday, February 6, 2012

Profile of a Gentleman: Bruno Ostarcevic

Bruno: Absinthe Parlour Patron/ Family Man
Profession: Data Mining/ Analytics
Favorite Movie: Pulp Fiction or Reservoir Dogs

Bruno is a man of distinction.

In addition to his proclivity for fine men's grooming and style, Bruno has a brain.  Born in Zadar, Croatia and raised for a time in Davis County Utah, Bruno expresses his intelligence in his hairstyle just as much as he does in his profession.

Father, husband and badass, Bruno stays sharp at home too.  With between his son and their english bulldog Lola, Bruno and his wife stay pretty busy.

When asked if he had any advice for a man preparing to be a father he replied:
"Set your alarm clock to go off every hour and a half, get up and do something... put yourself into a Russian stress position or something and then go back to bed.  Get up and do it again in 90 minutes."

Don't get us wrong, Bruno couldn't be happier to be a dad.  Affectionately referring to his infant son a a little "loaf of bread."  He is one proud papa.  He just wishes that people had prepared him for how much work is involved being a professional father.


  1. I love this hair cut! Thanks for making my husband look even hotter!

  2. This gentleman definitely has style

  3. This gentleman definitely has style

  4. This gentleman definitely has style