Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Recent Haircut

This is a cut we did for a great friend of mine. It's about 95 degrees outside and he wanted to freshen things up a bit. He came in with fairly short hair already, but wanted to change his style! You have probably run into the same situation. We all know it's hard to make money telling men with short hair that there is nothing we can do until they grow their hair out a bit. Plus, there's no guarantee, if we ask them to come back in a few weeks, that they will. We decided to emphasize the length he DID have up top by throwing in a clean and classy fade aspect to his perimeter. What do you think?

This, to me is the essence of being a bespoke barber. It's all about custom tailoring a style. It's about executing a great cut with precision and patience. Bespoke barbering is not only about technical skill, but also applying great cuts to the right people in the right way.

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