Thursday, January 26, 2012

Absinthe Myths: Fact & Fiction

Absinthe Minded:  Myth vs. Reality

Myth: You can’t get “real” absinthe in Utah.

Reality: You CAN. Most any absinthe available
in Utah has a full measure of Grande Wormwood.

Myth: Absinthe in Utah doesn’t have “real”

Reality: It does. There was a time when it was
thought that wormwood was to blame for illeffects
related to absinthe drinking. The real
culprit is a compound called Thujone, a neurotoxin.
Wormwood content is no longer a concern.

Myth: Absinthe will make you hallucinate.

Reality: At the height of it’s popularity, as
producers scrambled to keep up with demand,
emerald green pigment (a derivative of arsenic)
and coppers were used to color the drink. That,
along with harsh alcohols led to poisoning and
toxicity. Any rumors of hallucination were born
as a result.

By: Buster A. Boyd

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