Monday, January 30, 2012

Advice from a Gentleman: Kyle Paul; Self Improvement

Kyle Paul on Self Improvement.

I have had the great fortune to be colaborating on a very cool film project with a good friend of mine by the name of Kyle Paul.  One of the first things that you will notice about Kyle is that he is driven.  At the same time, he is by no means a whirlwind of chaos or an overwhelming presence by any means.  He just really knows what he wants and he is on his way to making it happen. 

As Kyle was getting some fresh color for another project, I asked him what was on his hand.  He informed me that they were personal truths.  A personal truth is important because nobody can argue with it; nobody can take it away.  For example: I love the smell of shaving cream.  It just doesn't make sense for someone to argue that I don't. 

In the name of self improvement, Kyle has trained himself to place 2 personal truths on his hand that he can focus on either for the day, a week or even a month.  The key is that the first truth be a positive one, something that you love about yourself and that the second be something that you would like to change.  He said that it is very important to couple a positive affirmation with the negative.  No matter how small it may be, you must include something that you like about yourself or that you feel you do well.  Then, go to town.  What can you improve?

Coming from a fairly accomplished individual such as Kyle, I tend to believe that there is probably something to this.  I may like the way I cut hair but I could definitely work on my posture.  One step at a time, I'm sure I'd be better off for giving this routine a try. 

The very definition of a valuable person is one who is capable of identifying their issues and is willing to resolve as many of them as they can over time.  Making changes in small and manageable portions is the name of the game.  Dedication and focus will help make sure you reach the desired outcome.  Thanks to Kyle for sharing a bit of his recipe for success and happiness! 

-Buster A. Boyd

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