Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pioneers of Shaving: Alexander The Great

The origins of shaving go way back. The Bible itself contains references to barbering and shaving as far back as Moses in the book of Ezekiel. As early as 400 BC shaving and barbering had gained high status in Greece. A well-groomed beard was a status symbol to Greek men who had them trimmed, shaped and scented with oils regularly. Over 2,000 years ago, the barbershop was a gathering place where the news of the day was discussed. Whether sports, politics, philosophy or social issues, the barbershop was an epicenter of activity.

As far as shaving goes, It was in the 3rd century BC that the troops of Alexander the great introduced clean-shaven faces on a grand scale. In many battles with the Persians, Alexander's men would fall by the hundreds because of their beards. Persian soldiers would use the Macedonians beards to pull them to the ground and slay them. It was at this point that Alexander decreed that all soldiers under his banner would be clean-shaven. Consequently, barbers though less busy trimming beards, would be happily employed shaving the faces of Rome's men.

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