Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tonsorial Arts: Tonsors of the world Unite!

Barber. The word barber is derived from the Latin root barba which means beard. Those who care for, shave, shape and groom beards are barbers. The word Tonsorial is from the Latin tonsorius, meaning the cutting or grooming of the hair with shears or razor (primarily in reference to barbers). The Latin tonsus is a noun meaning a way of dressing hair or a hairstyle. A tonsor is a barber.

Though it is a term that is rarely used, it is an interesting unique way to accurately describe what we do! Tonsorial Work Tonsorial Arts

If you are looking for a Tonsorial Artist or Tonsor in Salt Lake City, Utah. I'm your man. I am a full-time professional Barber & Hairdresser @ Absinthe Hair & Grooming Parlour.

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