Friday, December 23, 2011

Haircut for Men Celebrity Hairstyle: Jude Law Sherlock Holmes Watson

Jude Law: English Actor/Director
Born: December 29th, 1972
Height: 5'11"
Face Shape: Oval with Strong chin/Jaw
Hair Type: Medium Curly
Hair Density: Average Receding (hardly anyone make a recession look as good)

There is a renewed interest in Jude Law with the newly released Sherlock Holmes movie.  It's always interesting to watch such films with the eye of a barber.  The various haircuts and hairstyles really jump out and inspire.  Especially in a more old fashioned context like the Sherlock Holmes franchise.

A bit of sideburns and a mustache gives him a very mature and masculine look. 
A bit more contemporary and playful.  A bit more length adds some youthfulness.

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