Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I digress: Advice from a Master Barber - Vodka Review - My pick

My favorite Vodka - Which Vodka is most smooth - What is the smoothest Vodka - Which is the Best Vodka - Which vodka will girls prefer? 

Entertaining is just as much a part of the modern Gentleman's Life as his Hair and Grooming.  In order to be an educated host, here is my definitive review of the following 3 libations: Svedka (Swedish), Hight West (Park City, Utah) and Vampyre (England). 

The following are Buster A. Boyd's Vodka picks:

1. Vampyre Label Vodka - $18.99 us:  Intense Red Color.  Not only does the intense red make it more fun to drink/mix, it is our hypothesis that the certified red color makes this mid-top shelf vodka "wickedly smooth."  The price is okay and the flavor is all but absent.  It is very subtle with no perceivable vodka "bite" at all.  P.S. the red is so intense that it is hardly diminished when mixed and will actually stain the skin for quite a while.

2.  High West Vodka 7000 - $30 us:  The High West Distillery in Park City, Utah is know for it's impeccable Whiskey distillation, but deserves to be recognized for it's vodka as well!  Distilled at exactly 7000 feet in the Wasatch Front, it is smooth to say the least.  If you don't mind the taste of vodka, this bottle is NICE!  The flavor is complex and easily managed.  If you like to pretend that the vodka is not there, stick with the Vampyre. 

3.  Svedka - I can't remember what the price is, but it's a very nice mid shelf Vodka.  There is a distinguishable "bite" to the bottle but nothing unexpected.  When mixed it still makes itself known.  The perceivable flavor is not unpleasant at all but doesn't slip under the radar.

Flavor Winner:  High West
Smoothness Winner:  Vampyre
Party Cred Winner:  High West (the bottle is classy and has character)
Unique/Fun Factor Winner:  Vampyre
Value Winner:  Vampyre (So smooth yet mid-shelf price tag)
Low $$ but makes you a valuable party attendee Winner:  Svedka 

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